A New Adaptation of Stephen King’s ‘Carrie’ Is on the Way

  Carrie was the first novel ever published by Stephen King, and the first of his works to be adapted as a motion picture. But despite the story’s age (both the novel and the film date to the 1970s), it clearly still resonates with audiences, as evidenced by the fact that another new Carrie adaptation […]

How ‘Thelma & Louise’ Is a Genre Unto Itself

  Quick, name a buddy road adventure with unabashedly-feminist themes that stars two non-overly-sexualized women who control their own destiny — and whose friendship cannot be broken. Oh, and your answer can’t be Thelma & Louise. Can’t do it, can you? That’s because, even nearly three decades on, there still hasn’t been a movie quite […]

The Most Underrated Comedies of the Last 30 Years

  Comedy is hard. Out of all the movie genres out there — romance, drama, action, etc. — comedy films are arguably the most difficult to get right. Not only do comedy movies have to tell a coherent story with theme and character like every other type of film, but they also have the unenviable […]

THIStory of: The Magnificent Seven

  Our THIStory series takes a look at the history behind some of the most iconic franchises that air on THIS. In this installment, we’re examining The Magnificent Seven, one of the most legendary Western franchises ever.   The story of The Magnificent Seven begins not in the Old West, but in the Far East. […]

THIStory of: The Outer Limits

  Our THIStory series takes a look at the history behind some of the most iconic franchises that air on THIS. In this installment, we’re examining The Outer Limits, one of the most iconic and influential science-fiction television series of all time.   The 1960s were an experimental time in the world of television. Creators […]

Stars React to Actor Danny Aiello’s Passing

  Since the tragic death of actor Danny Aiello on December 12, there has been an outpouring of love and condolences from his peers in Hollywood.   Aiello died in New Jersey at the age of 86 following a short illness, and the reverberations quickly swept across Hollywood. A tireless worker, Aiello began acting in […]

7 Real-Life Couples Who Starred in Hit Movies Together

  There must be something awfully romantic about starring in a movie together because loads of real-life couples have done so. And while some of these films have been pretty abysmal vanity projects (looking at you, Gigli), a few of them have been big hits thanks largely to their stars’ real-life chemistry coming through on […]

The 6 Coolest Characters of Denzel Washington

  Few actors are capable of playing it cool quite like Denzel Washington. The guy could read the phonebook (assuming he was still able to get a hold of one) and make it seem like he’s having a ball, but which of Denzel’s roles are the absolute coolest? We’ve scoured through the actor’s filmography to […]

7 ‘Christmas Carol’ Adaptations You Haven’t Seen

  Everybody knows the story of A Christmas Carol. The Charles Dickens tale about a holiday-hating miser who changes his ways after being confronted by three ghosts on Christmas Eve has been adapted dozens of times, with more movies and TV episodes dedicated to its retelling than nearly any other piece of literature. But even […]