Gory Days: Five of the Scariest High School Horror Movies Ever

  High schools can be a pretty scary place, which is probably why they’ve featured so frequently as the setting for horror films. Generally speaking, high school-set horror movies get into far more frightening territory than your standard zit or test, and there have been some downright terrifying examples over the years. Like, for example, […]

The Six ’90s-ist ‘90s Rom-Coms

    For some reason, the ’90s was the peak era for romantic-comedies. Whether it was because of the roaring economy, the dawn of the internet age, or the sitcom-loving culture, people just couldn’t get enough of watching two Gen-Xers hilariously fall in love on the big screen during the decade. There are a ton […]

Six Brad Pitt Movies You Forgot About

  Brad Pitt is, without question, one of the biggest movie stars of this era. For about the past two-and-a-half decades, virtually every movie that he’s starred in has been a box office success, a critical hit, or has otherwise entered the zeitgeist in some way. You’ve likely seen many of his recent movies, and […]

Why the 1950s Was the Golden Age for Monster Movies

  Every decade has had its monster movies, but no decade is more associated with the genre than the 1950s. If you hear “1990s monster movie” or “1970s monster movie,” no specific type of film is likely to come to mind. But if you hear “1950s monster movie,” your mind should immediately go to the […]

Seven Zombie Movies That Broke the Mold

  Over the past several years, zombie movies have exploded in popularity. With the prevalence of the genre, repetition has unfortunately become the norm, with most zombie movies being more or less indistinguishable from one another. A virus infects a portion of the population which turns them into non-thinking cannibals and it’s up to a […]

When Westerns Ruled the Television Frontier

  When people think of the Golden Age of Hollywood Westerns, they generally think of movies. From the 1930s through the 1960s, Westerns dominated the box office with classics like Stagecoach, High Noon, The Magnificent Seven, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and countless others. But movie theaters weren’t the only venues where Westerns […]

Why Michael Dudikoff May Be the Most Underrated ‘80s Action Star

  The 1980s was the era of the action star. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris… you could hardly watch a movie in the decade without coming across at least one musclebound guy armed with a roundhouse kick, a bazooka, or both. But one ’80s action star is consistently left […]

Seven ‘80s Movies That Are So Absurd We Can’t Help But Love Them

  The 1980s were a glorious time for cinema. Sandwiched between two decades that were filled with critically-acclaimed classics, the ’80s often gets a bad rap for its lack of serious drama films. But this weakness is also the ’80s’ strength. The decade was, simply put, a fun time for movies. More than any other […]

Clint Eastwood’s Seven Best Westerns

  Clint Eastwood is, by our estimate at least, the greatest Western actor of all time. And with that being the case, it stands to reason that he also has a number of outstanding Western films on his résumé. We’ve put together what we believe are his seven best trips to the Old West below, […]

The Shocking True Story Behind ‘The Amityville Horror’

  The Amityville Horror is one of the most iconic and best-known haunted house stories of the past century. Following the publication a 1977 novel about the incident, a blockbuster film premiered in 1979 that subsequently spawned copious amounts of sequels, reboots, and knockoff films in every decade since. To date, the unassuming and purportedly […]