Marisa Tomei Talks Her New Broadway Play

  Marisa Tomei is getting her groove back on Broadway.   The Oscar-winner is starring in a new Broadway revival of the Tennessee Williams play The Rose Tattoo, where she plays the main character Serafina Delle Rose, a widow who learns to rediscover her passion for love after meeting a new suitor. Reviews for Tomei’s […]

Remembering Gregory Hines’ Best Roles

  When Gregory Hines passed away in 2003, Hollywood lost one of its greatest entertainers. A throwback showman who could do it all, from singing and dancing to acting and performing comedy, Gregory Hines was something special. It’s been 16 years since his passing and Hollywood still hasn’t produced another talent quite like him, but […]

The 8 Types of World War II Movies

  Over Veterans Day weekend, the new WWII movie Midway was the number one film at the box office — this despite the film depicting a battle that took place nearly 80 years ago. That’s because WWII movies will always be relevant. The war was so big and so encompassing, its atrocities so horrific and […]

Jeff Bridges’ New Book Goes Behind the Scenes of His Most Famous Films

  Jeff Bridges has had one of the most enviable acting careers in Hollywood. He’s starred in cult comedies, blockbusters, and prestige films. He’s done Westerns, sci-fi, and superhero movies. Heck, he’s even won an Oscar for good measure. And if you’ve ever wondered what it was like behind the scenes on some of Bridges’ […]

Star Jillian Bell Discusses ‘Bill & Ted 3’

  In case you’re still pinching yourself in disbelief over the fact that a third Bill & Ted movie is actually happening, star Jillian Bell is here to assure you that you’re not dreaming.   Bell is set to appear in Bill & Ted Face the Music as Dr. Taylor Wood, the therapist to the […]

7 Underrated Movies Based on Musicals

  The popularity of movie musicals has ebbed and flowed over the years, and as a result, some musical movies don’t get the credit they deserve. Whether they were overshadowed by a crowded box office, were dogged by production issues, or critics thought they paled in comparison to their respective stage inspirations, some very good […]

THIStory of: ‘The Pink Panther’

  Our THIStory series takes a look at the history behind some of the most iconic franchises that air on THIS. In this installment, we’re going in-depth on one of the most unique media franchises of all time: The Pink Panther.   What makes The Pink Panther such an interesting property is the distinctiveness of […]

Why Werewolves and Vampires Will Always Be Scary

  It’s Halloween time, which means you’re going to be seeing vampires and werewolves everywhere. You’ll see them on decorations, on television, and at the movies. You’ll bump into them at parties, in haunted houses, and you’ll probably even see some miniature ones at your door asking for candy. The question is… why? Vampires and […]

Why Vincent Price Is the King of Halloween

  Halloween is, of course, the spookiest holiday there is. Sure, New Year’s can be a little scary when you’re confronted with all the resolutions you’re sure to break in a week’s time, and Thanksgiving might make you afraid of your scale for a while, but they still don’t hold a candle — or a […]