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Don’t Be a Wiseguy with the Five Funniest Mob Movies Ever


The mob movie genre is one of the most prestigious in all of cinema. Its films frequently rank among the best of all-time, with such standouts as The Godfather, Goodfellas, and many others. But there’s a subgenre of mob movies that doesn’t get nearly the amount of respect it deserves, and that’s the mob comedy. There have been a number of funny mob movies over the years, and it’s high time that they got their due. So take a look below at five mob movies that are funny like a clown and will amuse you.


1. Some Like It Hot


A stone-cold classic from 1959, two mob witnesses hide from their mafia suitors while disguised as women in this Marilyn Monroe comedy.


2. Married to the Mob


Michelle Pfeiffer is a mob widow who’s desperate to get out of the game — no matter how many times they try to pull her back in — in this 1988 comedy that also stars Alec Baldwin, Matthew Modine, and Dean Stockwell, who earned an Oscar nomination for his role.


3. The Freshman


Marlon Brando pokes fun at himself by playing a parody version of his character from The Godfather in this acclaimed 1990 comedy.


4. My Blue Heaven


Steve Martin is a mob witness who’s been relocated to the suburbs and Rick Moranis is his FBI handler in this 1990 pairing of two comedy icons.


5. Analyze This


Robert De Niro trades on his tough-guy mafioso persona by playing a mob boss who begins seeing a psychiatrist (Billy Crystal) to deal with his emotional issues. And with a script and direction from comedy legend Harold Ramis, hilarity naturally ensues.


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