7 Actors’ First Starring Roles That You Probably Haven’t Seen

  Every big Hollywood name has had their breakthrough role that establishes them as a movie star. Think Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective or Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde. But that kind of success doesn’t happen overnight. Most actors toil away for years before hitting it big, sometimes even starring as the lead […]

The 8 Scariest Stephen King Movie Adaptations

  Novelist Stephen King is known as the master of horror, and for good reason. The author has written dozens of horror novels and is the most recognized name in the genre. But King’s prowess as a master scary storyteller isn’t confined to the pages of his books, as many of his works have also […]

11 Songs That Are Inseparable from the Movies that Made them Famous

  Music has always been a part of movies, but sometimes, the connection between songs and the films in which they appear becomes something special. There are a number of iconic songs that either debuted in movies or became famous thanks to their inclusion in movies, and because of this, certain songs and films share […]

Charles Bronson’s Five Most Intimidating Characters

  Few actors in history were able to play the tough guy quite like Charles Bronson, and that’s probably because he wasn’t just playing tough guys: he was one. The unconventional-looking box office star worked in the coal mines of Pennsylvania growing up and earned a Purple Heart fighting as an Air Force gunner in […]

Snoop Dogg the Actor: The Rapper’s Most Memorable Movie Roles

  Snoop Dogg is one of the world’s most celebrated and recognized rap artists. He has sold over 37 million albums worldwide, is a 16-time Grammy-nominee, and is both an early hip hop pioneer and relevant in the genre today. But in addition to his music career, Snoop Dogg has also carved out a nice […]

Why ‘Killer Klowns from Outer Space’ Is the Greatest ‘80s B Movie

  Despite a small resurgence in recent years, B movies largely remain a relic of the past. The unironic low-budget horror and sci-fi flicks of the 1950s are long gone and they’re never coming back, with the genre’s original form largely closing up shop in the 1980s. But before the B movie died, it breathed […]

The Five Creepiest Dolls in Movie History

  There’s only one thing scarier than creepy kids in movies, and that’s creepy dolls in movies. Though they’re meant to be a child’s toy, dolls are inherently scary. Their blank stares. Their uncanny valley appearance. The way their limbs flop about. Shudders. So naturally, dolls make for excellent horror movie antagonists. But of all […]

The Roles That Made Steve McQueen the “King of Cool”

  Many actors have been considered cool over the years. From James Dean and Paul Newman to Burt Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, Hollywood has always been home to a collection of ultra-cool guys. But only one actor has earned the nickname “The King of Cool,” and that’s Steve McQueen. McQueen defined a new generation […]

After ‘Batman’, Before ‘Birdman’: The Forgotten Years of Michael Keaton

  Michael Keaton’s career has had two periods of major stardom. The first was in the late 1980s and early 1990s. After a number of comedic roles in the ’80s that culminated with 1988’s Beetlejuice — his highest-profile role to date — Keaton switched to more serious fare by playing the titular hero in 1989’s […]

Five Meryl Streep Movies You Forgot About

  Meryl Streep is regarded as one of, if not the greatest, actors of all time. She has appeared in dozens of films since her career began in the 1970s, and has drawn loads of critical acclaim for a number of them. Streep has been nominated for 21 Oscars in her career, more than any […]