These Are Harrison Ford’s Most Exciting Movies

  Despite a distinct lack of bulging muscles and martial arts skills, Harrison Ford is arguably the greatest action star in history. A lot of his appeal certainly comes from his roguish, everyman persona, but a good chunk of that action star rep is owed to the films Ford chooses to star in. The actor […]

Why Stargate Is the Most Underrated Sci-Fi Franchise

  When it comes to science-fiction franchises, two that begin with the word “star” probably come to mind first: Star Wars and Star Trek. But the genre has a third “star” franchise with an impressive lineage and a devoted fanbase that consistently flies under the radar. We’re talking about Stargate, the most underrated sci-fi franchise […]

Five Tom Cruise Movies Where He’s Just a Regular Guy

  Tom Cruise has long made a name for himself as a real-life superhero. The actor puts his life on the line to perform outrageous stunts in the Mission: Impossible series and his other action films, and practically every movie he’s made over the past 25 years features at least one scene of Cruise sprinting […]

The 8 Most Legendary Movie Villains of All Time

  James Bond. Indiana Jones. Rocky Balboa. Everybody loves a good movie hero. They thrill us, uplift us, and inspire us. But, if we’re being honest… they can sometimes be a bit boring. Oftentimes, it is a movie’s villain that makes the biggest impression on a film, with some big-screen bad guys transcending their medium […]

The 9 Best Vietnam War Movies

  Let’s face it, when it comes to war movies, World War II films get all the glory. We get it, it makes sense. After all, the conflict was the last “noble war” with clear-cut good guys and bad guys. But does that necessarily make it the best setting for a war movie? Maybe not. […]

These Movies Show It’s Not Safe to Go Back to School

  There is a debate raging right now about whether or not it is safe for kids to go back to school in the U.S. The coronavirus pandemic continues to decimate the country, with over 40,000 new cases and nearly 1,000 new deaths added to the growing tally every day, making many believe that it […]

Six Movies That Were Made Infinitely Better By Adding John Candy

  John Candy was one of the most gifted comic actors of all time. After cutting his comedy teeth at the Toronto branch of the famed Second City improv theatre and the related sketch comedy television series SCTV, Candy went to Hollywood where he starred in some of the best comedy films of the 1980s. […]

Cher the Movie Star: Examining the Mononymous Singer’s Hollywood Career

  Once in a while, successful singers will also find some success as movie stars. This seems doubly true for singers who popularly go by one name, like Sting, Madonna, and, of course, Cher. Cher may be best known for her megahit songs both as a solo artist and as one half of Sonny & […]

I Love Lucy at the Movies: The Film Career of Lucille Ball

  Lucille Ball is considered one of television’s greatest icons, and why shouldn’t she be? The actress and comedienne was one of the most recognizable faces on the medium for 35 years. Her sitcom I Love Lucy continues to be popular and inspirational more than 60 years after it aired its last episode, and she […]

The Six Most Batty Vampire Movies Ever

  Most vampire movies follow the same basic plot. Someone meets an all too charming fellow who ends up having a taste for blood, said charmer goes on a killing spree/creates an army of the undead, our hero stabs the undead bloodsucker in the heart with a stake, yada yada yada. But some vampire movies […]