Ranking Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies By Their Catchphrases

  No actor is as associated with catchphrases as much as Arnold Schwarzenegger. Whether it’s his trademark Austrian accent or his robotic delivery, something about the way Arnold delivers his lines makes them utterly quotable. Yet not all of his quotes are created equal. Below, we rank seven of Arnold’s movies, judging them only by […]

Why the Roger Moore James Bond Movies Deserve Another Look

  Everybody has their favorite James Bond. To many fans, especially older ones, no one can hold a candle to Sean Connery. Younger fans often dig the gritty, modern version embodied by Daniel Craig. And ’90s kids tend to have a soft spot for Pierce Brosnan — fueled, no doubt, by nostalgic memories of Goldeneye […]

The Five Funniest Movies of Robin Williams

  It’s hard to believe, but this month marks six years since Robin Williams passed away on August 11, 2014. One of the most gifted comic actors to ever grace the big screen, Williams’ manic presence is greatly missed. Thankfully, fans are still able to watch the work of the late actor, and even though […]

The Five Most Iconic Roles of Geena Davis

  Geena Davis is an actor who has had a tremendous amount of success over the course of her nearly-four-decade career. The statuesque redhead has won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and even once came pretty close to competing in the Olympics. Her talent is undeniable and her resume is impressive, but which of Geena […]

In Honor of 2020, Here Are the Most Iconic Movie Dystopias

  With each passing day, 2020 is looking more and more like a post-apocalyptic dystopia. An unchecked virus rages across the land, unidentified federal troops are storming our cities, and Taco Bell is getting rid of a big chunk of their menu. But it could always be worse! Hollywood has long had a fascination with […]

The Six Best Comedy Partners of Billy Crystal

  Many great comic actors are known for having frequent on-screen partners who elevate their work. Will Ferrell has his John C. Reilly, Ben Stiller his Owen Wilson, and Seth Rogen his James Franco. Then there are those iconic comedy duos that are nearly inseparable from each other, like Laurel and Hardy and Abbott and […]

It Came from Beneath the Waves: The Scariest Sea Monsters in Film

  The ocean is a scary place. It’s big, it’s dark, it’s cold, and there are a million different ways it can kill you. One of the most terrifying of those ways is, of course, death by sea monster. Whether it’s a real monster like a great white shark or a fictional one like a […]

No Sports, No Problem: 8 Movies to Fill the Baseball-Shaped Hole in Your Heart

  Virtually everything about 2020 has been awful (though THIS’s Norris Knockout marathons have admittedly been pretty awesome). But one of the worst things about this year has been the absence of sports. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rage across the country, the 2020 major league baseball season — which should be about halfway […]

Why Nancy Meyers Is the Queen of the Adult Comedy

  Certain filmmakers are known for certain types of comedy. John Hughes? He’s the king of the high school comedy. Christopher Guest? The lord of mockumentaries. Need a parody movie? Better call Mel Brooks. Then there’s Nancy Meyers, who should be regarded as the queen of the adult comedy.   Now, in this instance, “adult […]

Sound Familiar? 10 Movies That Are Named After Famous Songs

  Music is an integral part of basically every movie. From a film’s score to its soundtrack to, in some cases, its theme song, much of a movie’s storyline is conveyed through music. Yet some films take this idea even further. No, we’re not talking about musicals. We’re talking about movies that are named after […]